What Did the Police Do to St. Petersburg?

Perhaps this is the question left un-asked.  I can’t think of a more inappropriate question at this juncture.  But I’m from the Zach De La Rocha (or Howard Zinn for that matter) school of thought when it comes to violence against police.  First, it’s a lone nut.  Then it get suspicious. And finally, are the police doing something to deserve the violence? It’s a question.  Don’t get mad at me.  I don’t have an answer and I don’t think anyone is going to provide a satisfactory one.

Another police officer was shot dead in downtown St. Pete last night, Monday February 21. Here’s my problem:

Crawford’s killing came one month after two St. Petersburg police officers were shot dead in the line of duty — the first police officers killed in the city in 31 years.

No police killed for 31 year and then bam, three dead in two separate incidents?  Perhaps I’m letting media overwhelm my reason.

Obviously our hearts go out to the fallen service members, for whatever reason they were killed.



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