Well Played, Sir: A High Speed Rail Counter-Argument

The governor pointed out the thing would (1) almost certainly cost more than they say it would and (2) not get as many riders as they say it would. Seems like a pretty safe prediction.

But really, Tampa to Orlando was chosen less because of Grand National Vision and more because it was easy, because the route is more or less in place, and because the president needed to be able to point to something. The feds were downright desperate, in fact, and kept coming back to Florida to dump more money on us.

A reasonable argument over what, in the pro-engineering coven that is my domestic life, often seems like a no-brainer in favor of the railway.

In the end, the best Mr. Troxler has at his disposal are people’s attachments to fuzzy dogmatic conservative principles.  Not accepting money because it comes from the Gub’ment.  Gub’ment bad.  Took my bay’beh.  Something about how huge federal aid packages like this will lead to “The Decline and Fall of the United States.”

That’s how it worked for the Romans right? They got all glossy and shot too much gold up their ass, decided they wanted to have a little luxury and built that aqueduct and the Colosseum and boom, civilization collapsed.




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