Anti-Cussing Club: A Bizarre Journey

A California Middle School student started a club in 2007 with the goal of stopping cursing.  Nationwide.

“The small issue is cussing,” Ms. Ludgood said. “The larger issue is civility. As a nation, we have gotten meaner.”

The only flippity-dippity reason people curse their bim-bam’in heads off is anger? What if something is so profoundly depressing that an: “oh fudge” doesn’t encompass the emotions involved?

But that’s not why this article is so bizarre.  It’s gems like this:

The anti-cursing movement is not unlike antidrug efforts that work on the premise that marijuana is a gateway drug. The real issues are deeper than just saying no.

“We need to teach people how to deal with anger, not say just don’t do it,” Mr. Jay said. “That just deals with a symptom.”

…“In my day, they taught respect,” he said. “They used what they called a paddle.”

That’s right people.  Don’t get angry and curse.  Heavy, blunt wooden instrument? Perfectly acceptable vehicle.  But cursing? Do it and I’ll flog your poop pillows scarlet, you bile-slurping fecal demon.

Source – Worth Reading

On why not cursing is infinitely more disturbing (starting 0:50):



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