The Most Hated Two Paragraphs in the English Language

For decades, Americans believed that we had the world’s healthiest and safest diet. We worried little about this diet’s effect on the environment or on the lives of the animals (or even the workers) it relies upon. Nor did we worry about its ability to endure — that is, its sustainability.

That didn’t mean all was well. And we’ve come to recognize that our diet is unhealthful and unsafe. Many food production workers labor in difficult, even deplorable, conditions, and animals are produced as if they were widgets. It would be hard to devise a more wasteful, damaging, unsustainable system.

I didn’t decide that they would be unpopular.  You all did.  I don’t know why this type of talk is so threatening.  Maybe one of you can explain it to me.  But, seriously, I can’t think of a single American who reads those two paragraphs – or their many iterations through the published world – and doesn’t feel insulted or threatened.

Also, among the author’s tips to a saner food system:

Encourage and subsidize home cooking. (Someday soon, I’ll write about my idea for a new Civilian Cooking Corps.) When people cook their own food, they make better choices.

Clearly the author has never been to the South.  All our homemade – read: healthy – food starts with a tub of shortening, a palette of butter and a prayer.

The prayer is for God to fight off the Diabetes Demon and his evil overlord, the Harpy of Heart Attacks.



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