From Suburbs to Slums

”urban sprawl is finished. If we continue to roll out new land releases and suburbs that are car-dependent, they will become the slums of the future.”

I know this is a report by Australia’s urban planning institute. I hope by coming out and saying it, you’ll know better than to disregard this warning.  At the very least, we can draw parallels to America’s Midwest and West.

Rather than argue about whether a report from Australia is relevant, let’s discuss two principles that demonstrate the problem every oil importing nation must face.  Not in some far off future, but right now.

1) Globally, oil output has peaked. In 2006, according to the International Energy Agency.  No matter the demand oil output has not increased to meet it.  Like this:

2) Current plans, globally, do not take this into account, especially new Western nations, like Australia.  If this was somewhere like Germany, we could shrug off their report, hell, they probably aren’t even talking about this because of their dystopian socialist vehicles, pictured here. In point of fact:

“By reviewing relevant plans and policies at the local, regional, metro, state and national levels we uncovered vertical and horizontal disconnections. Current policy and planning prescriptions are simply not adequate to protect our cities from the effects of petroleum supply constraints.”



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