From Gay Chic to Geek Enclave

The place rose from Cuban cigar smoke, was reinvented by anarchists, by bootleggers and bolita gamblers, later by hipsters and gays. The latest to reinvent Ybor City are the geeks.

Apparently, Ybor City is undergoing a bit of a redevelopment project.  A much needed endeavor to cleanse the city of the remnants of trashy 90s uber-consumerism.

Tampa Digital moved to Centro Ybor in 2007, taking over an American Eagle retail store. It’s a digital media, video and film production company with banks of exotic tech hardware inside and century-old brick streets outside.

All in all a great feature-length piece (that I don’t care to read) about rediscovering Ybor and some new startups in the time of the Great American Recession.



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