Bacon: “A Gateway Drug”

A cooked rasher. Raw bacon rashers are an esse...

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After you stop laughing – I know, its funny because it’s true – check this out.

Despite the Debby Downer self-righteous vegetarian stance at the end of this article, it contains a few fantastic gems.

First, there’s NPR’s story about bacon as a gateway drug for vegetarians.  That story is pretty typical, as well.  I’ve never succumbed to bacon’s tantalizing aroma, mostly because of the same pretentious sentiment at the bottom of the Treehugger article.  Seriously though. Don’t eat pigs. No seriously, click the word pigs.

Second, facts:

TreeHugger writer Christine Lepisto says that in her experience as a vegetarianin Italy prosciutto is not considered a meat product and it’s not uncommon to ask for a vegetarian soup or dish and find prosciutto in it.

And, of course, Science:

Lundstrom says that it’s bacon’s protein makeup and high fat content that swoon us as well. And the intoxicating smell of bacon is what in the end temps our taste buds because 90 percent of what we taste is a food’s smell.



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