A Startling Development

I’m on Twitter @KingZorpo.  That’s right. It’s my name plus my gamertag.

Do I need to justify this?  I think I might.  But first, is that seriously the most recent picture of me out there that isn’t total shit? Maybe not.  No one’s uploaded the good pictures, so oh well.  If you’re hiding pictures of me somewhere, silently masturbating to them, those are the pictures that I want. Get them to me.

I think that was the major concern.  I don’t really expect to be “twittering”.  Instead, if you follow me on twitter all you’re really going to get are “retweets” of stories and events that I consider relevant and my blog posts will publicize to Twitter now (also, are we really at the point as a Civilization where Twitter is a thing, a pronoun, that needs a capitalization? Fuck, man.  Where have I been? Where’s our great cultural avatar that will defend western society from the vapid stink of millions of people excreting their uncensored and self-important, but irrelevant neural firings into a permanent database of deliberately misspelled soliloquies). Fuck.

Now I feel like I need to make some sort of mea culpa. For having sunk this low.  Perhaps I’ll just swear to never verbally fart into my feed.  I’m not funny or poignant enough for 140 characters.  I still feel like I need to apologize. Maybe no one will follow my feed.  That’d actually be perfectly alright, then I don’t have anything to apologize for.

I blame listening to WTF podcast for this self-defacing rant.


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