Foreclosure Mill Run and Owned by Scientologists

Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter.

Image via Wikipedia

Pinellas’ Nationwide Title Company is owned by Norm Novitsky.

…a longtime Scientologist who founded NTC in 1992, once credited the company’s success to Scientology.

The company is run under some of the principles of Scientology, which are also credited to the cult’s success as a fringe religion.

The use of Hubbard’s technology on Nationwide’s busy campus — which can image up to 500,000 pages of mortgage documents a day — has sparked complaints that the company foists Scientology principles on workers and creates a high-pressure environment.

“Employees are being told not to talk to each other and if they do, they are terminated,” a manager of WorkNet Pinellas, a nonprofit job agency, wrote in an e-mail to colleagues in December. “Papers that are signed at the time of hire have L. Ron Hubbard info on it.”



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