No Recognition for Parents With Complaint About Priest

This is still happening.  Still. Fucking. Happening.

The parents wanted to complain to a St. Petersburg bishop about questions asked by a local priest.  At least 8 kids were asked whether they mastuerbate and to describe what they look up on the internet.

This is the bishop’s response:

“The ‘seal of confession’ is so sacred to the church that priests and bishops have gone to prison to protect what was said during this sacrament. Even if I had heard something truly alarming (and I have not), I would be precluded from investigating the allegation; and the priest is forbidden from discussing it.”

Even something truly alarming.  The priest could be silently sodomizing children in his repentance closet and this bishop would have nothing to do with it.

I am going to repeat my condemnation of Christians and Catholics.  That you supposedly spiritual and Godly people aren’t in the streets in uproar over this puts the lie to your faith. I have nothing but contempt for each and every one of you Catholics.  That there aren’t underground social networks that seek to undermine the Catholic hierarchy’s buddy-buddy rape and molestation racket, that parents don’t march on leadership, I… I just don’t get it.  You aren’t spiritual.  You aren’t going to heaven.  And the example you’re setting for your kids is the most deplorable example of selfish sociopathic behavior.

I hope that there is really something harmless here, but I truly doubt it.  And my doubt is not enough that I wouldn’t participate in a march on these monsters.  Not that it does any good to see an atheist do it.

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