PROOF: Taco Bell Doesn’t Use Beef; Santa Not Real

Taco Bell is facing a class action lawsuit to correct its advertising.  Apparently, in the United States of America, you have to use at least 70% cow meat to call something beef.  Even the label “taco meat filling” requires at least 40% beef.  Taco Bell clocked in at a gentleman’s 35%.  The rest of the purging mixture is composed of soy beans, wheat, and crazy science sounding ingredients.

Taco Bell’s Response:

Taco Bell is proud of the quality of its beef and identifies the seasoning and spice ingredients on its website.

I know that might not be too terribly shocking.  But my relation to Taco Bell in the past was like towards a racist grandpa or a drug dealer.  You smirk at the dirty truth and go “oh come now you raggamuffin” and proceed on your original intended path.  But to hear that the owners of Taco Bell are proud of their product – well, I find that offensive.  Sure, I’ll eat it.  But don’t you lie to me and tell me you’re proud of what I am eating.  I’m not proud of what I’m eating.



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