Now With Business News!

I have decided to add a new business news section to my blog.  I can hear your throaty somnolent hums now.  A symphony of boredom.  Well, good news.  This lengthy category title – that visibly scars the header for my blog – will focus on good old American capitalism.  These stories reflect the typified capitalism of America’s unsung intellectual benefactor.

Ayn Rand was a terrible woman full of horrifying ideas.  Business leaders have embraced her misguided logic with increasingly feverish huggingness in recent years.  And, happily I’m not the only one to take notice.  The second chapter of Matt Taibbi‘s book Griftopia deals exclusively with the evil architect Alan Greenspan and his objectivist links.

Well, this is my launch of a new section.  Also, I’m trying out a recommended links feature to throw you to Wikipedia, or – but don’t worry, I choose what words get highlighted so rest assured, if it’s highlighted, it’s safe to inspect for further knowledging.

Bonus Business Section Content!

Click along to read my thesis on Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged and “Bioshock”.


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