Miner’s Lives a Relatively Cheap Commodity

In reading up on this incident, and ever since Rolling Stone’s focus on the Big Branch disaster – which you’ve already read because you always click the RS links when I post them – quite a few different news articles have come out focusing on this incident.  The simplest Randian businessmen parallel comes from the RS story.  But if you want to see why it’s so difficult in God’s Country to prosecute criminal negligence in the business community, you only have to visit this blog post.

It synthesizes the varying coverage and adequately potrays the failings of print media.  The conservative rags infer fault, the liberal: they paint it on with tar.  And of course, the Rolling Stone piece is the most liberal, but at the end of the day, doesn’t fudge facts.  This mine was one of the most unsafe to work on, and it’s managers were the most willing to let workers die to turn a profit.


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