Government by the Highest Bidder: Our National Plutocracy

The Supreme Court of the United States. Washin...

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First, an excellent infographic on the history of Campaign Finance laws.

Yesterday we here in the T. B. King universe celebrated the first birthday of the Citizens United case, which decided limits on corporate donations to elections limited their free speech.  Essentially, this labels corporations as individuals.  (Liberal snide: shouldn’t they be guilty of theft, murder and fiscal rape, then? *Sips coffee* *delicately bites free-trade Biscotti*)

The big deal here is a new investigation into whether two Conservatives on the Supreme Court may have violated the law.

On Thursday, the watchdog group Common Cause alleged that Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas had close ties to conservative activists who benefited from the Citizens United ruling. Common Cause President Bob Edgar says the Justice Department should investigate.

“If the department finds a conflict on the part of either justice, Common Cause asks that the solicitor general petition the court to vacate the Citizens United decision,” Edgar said.

Welcome, to the Randian plutocracy.  Deregulation of markets, of elections, of finance.  Government by and for the wealthy, but government of the poor and abused.  OK, I’ll stop referencing Rand in my business stories now.  You should get my drift when I throw up the category without me trying to make the link for you.



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