Dangerous Contents: Sane Tea Partier

Yes.  Within Matt Taibbi’s characteristically brutal feature on John Boehner lies the hidden creature.

But, my job isn’t to report on Taibbi’s reporting.  My job is to deliver word sex hammered Damascus sharp straight to your see holes.  So we’ll do the dance where I give you great quotes, and then you go read the whole article:

This was always going to be the model of how Republican Party hacks would deal with the Tea Party: Bash the living hell out of hated blue-state Gorgons like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, jack off the mob by incorporating the Tea Party’s Constitution-and-liberty rhetoric, hand the Tea Party those reforms that the GOP’s big campaign contributors want anyway (most notably, tax breaks for the rich and deregulation of big business), and then cough up a note from the doctor or some other lame excuse when the time comes to actually cut spending.

What’s that boy? Farmer Maynard’s calf Bessie got tangled in the concertina fencing? Well, get a duffel bag and some Kevlar gloves.  Let’s dive on in there.

Bohner’s political hackery is so transparent he screws up the Declaration of Independence with the Constitution when speaking to a crowd of Tea Partiers:

Professing his love for the sacred document, Boehner pledged to “stand here with our Founding Fathers, who wrote in the preamble: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident.'” The crowd was silent. Boehner had confused the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence.

Also, I’ll bury the lede, just like I would argue Taibbi did.  Contained within this article is a legitimately relevant (Taibbi’s claim) Tea Partiers who’s professedly anti-Defense spending, anti-Republican, anti-Big Government – and to boot, he’s cogent about it.

Taibbi responds with the same shock and veiled joy that he had encountered a legitimate Tea Party figure.  Chris Littleton commands a significant amount of power in Ohio’s Tea Party scene, according to Taibbi’s reporting.  But you must read on.


Also, I really think you ought to read Taibbi’s newest book, Griftopia.  It’s stellar.  Although, I haven’t been following the news, reading the papers, listening to the radio, or in general able to care about our national dialogue after Taibbi had so clearly exposed the farce and failure that is the Media (even the not Mainstream parts). Still, knowledge – especially of a political nature – almost never encourages the reader to view humanity in a brighter light.


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