One for Laughs

Usually I post TED videos that offer intelligent discussions or interesting science and statistics.  Here’s one by Elizabeth Lesser who’s synaptic misfirings are almost visible to the unaided eye.  She goes from self-identifying as the child of atheists who fell in with the charlatan mahavishnu’s that swept up Beatle-mania to making a link between Glenn Beck and the early Nazi party.  I’m no fan of Beck or any of the chattering class, but that’s where we should all draw the line.  And if you’re going to be the kind of hare-brained idiot to get swept up by cash-grabbing mystics, perhaps you shouldn’t have your own TED speech.

There’s nothing wrong with taking someone from the other political perspective out to lunch.  You can give perspective to people who usually don’t have context to others: Atheists that donate large portions of their wealth to charity, a MADD conservative who spends weekends volunteering at orphanages, etc.

Perhaps we could have a better role model for these virtues.  Or perhaps Lesser could take me out to lunch and we can talk about mysticism.


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