A New Generation of Educational Video Games?

The video makes an immediate distinction between boys and girls that really drags the viewer in to the rest of the presentation.  However, is this distinction biological or environmental? For example, does our society more willingly see a boy who does certain things as exhibiting ADHD versus a female.  Or, when a girl throws a fit and a bow throws the same fit, do they both receive the same response?

The zero tolerance commentary is apropo, think about all the great works of literature that include extreme acts of violence.  The response from Ali Car-Chellman that, “he’s just a boy”, howeer, leads me to believe this speaker actually does believe that boys like baseball the second their testicles drop within the womb. And that she has no business making a speech of this sort.

She exhibits a soccer mom’s rationale for educational video game design budgets.  When she says in a snarky “don’t you curse around my son!” kind of way: “World of Warcraft has quite a budget, most educational games do not”.  What I heard was, “Yeah world of warcraft! Where’s World of Warphonics!? and “StarCraft: how stars are actually crafted! A tale of hydrogen and the Weak Force in the Cosmos”.

My barely concealed sexism went bonkers during this video.  I heard a very patronizing soccer mom calling for unrealistic changes.  Chief among those irrational ranting, that the video game industry will forgo the profit motive to create a new generation of educational games.


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