Religious [Muslim] Nonsense of the Day

I heard this on the way to work today and couldn’t help a completely un-self-conscious guffaw or three.

For you Westerners who can’t keep up, there’s two major sects in Islam: Sunni and Shi’ah* (there’s other much less populous sects, like Turkish Kurds, Ba’hai and post-Zoroastrian mystics).

Iraq’s sectarian divisiveness has grown exponentially since the US deposed Saddam Hussein.

Distrust and batshit religiosity now pits these people in conflict on something as simple as a brand of chicken. Funny thing is, both come from Brazil.

Is their country so fucked that they can’t keep chickens? Where’s that question: have we so ruined Iraq that they have to import halal chicken from Brazil?


The two brands are Sadia and Khafeel.  The Shi’ites (Shi’ah) only eat Khafeel and the Sunnis only eat Sadia.  This preference stems from a distrust that one or the other is not truly halal (kosher).

And here, my delightful reader(s) is the fantastic part:

At a wholesale market in east Baghdad, the first thing you see in the chicken section is a big poster with the fatwa, or religious ruling, that sanctions Khafeel chicken. But many people say the religious institution that issued the fatwa is also profiting from the boost in sales of Khafeel chicken.

(emphasis mine)

Guffaw. Guffaw. Guffaw.




*Sunnis are basically like Protestants and similarly are much more prone to fundamentalism a la Jerry Falwell / Pat Robertson.  Shi’ah are much more Catholic, theres a strict religious hierarchy like bishops, cardinals, priests, etc. and incidentally are also often much more lax and secular.


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