Who Knows What’ll Happen!?

Two things in the immediate future could end in my immediate internment in some sort of disreputable facility for cultural apostates or for poking the sleeping bear with a dull sarcastic, stick.  By which I mean this:

Which I will be wearing through security on Xmas Day.  May Vishnu be kind and cover his many hands with latex and Vaseline before my inevitable anal spelunking.

The other problem, I’m going to visit my family in Virginia for about 9 days.  Last time I went there, the response I got for my vegetarianism was something along the lines of “shut up, here’s some BBQ pork”.  So, hey, that was in the infancy of my dietary rebellion.  Let’s see how it works out with a year of hippydom under my belt.

Oh, and incidentally, I won’t be posting for a while – probably.  Who knows what things I’ll whisper to the dark, when I’m alone with only my dowry and the cold, cold nights. *

*Right? That’s how Wormtongue’s line goes from Two Towers? I dunno.  At least I’m not fucking like NPR.  They did this story today about a like, Highlights from Hamlet, but it was a one-man-show of the original Star Wars trilogy – I know, original is redundant, there’s only one trilogy – And they said something like, and it’s so-and-so’s presentation of the Original Star Wars Trilogy at Warp Speed.

Was fucking Captian Kirk there?  What’s Warp Speed?  I hope they got so many orange-stained hand-written complaints soaked in nerd tears and sweaty hatred.  Goddamnit that ruined my commute home. Talk about instant rage.

Anyways, thanks for reading this past year and entertaining my egotistical selfish delusions.  Might I recommend

as writing fuel?


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