The Foreclosure Farse Expands!

Actually, the following has been going on for a very long time, but now that’s its public, it sure must seem like its expanding.  I’m going to start with the bottom of the St. Petersburg Times article.  Why they buried the lede so far down is totally beyond me.

ProVest also been cited in recent cases for flaws in service. David Goldman, a Jacksonville defense attorney, said he has had several affidavits of service thrown out by the court due to discrepancies in the company’s paperwork. In one case, the server contracted by ProVest said she gave the summons to a white woman who weighed 140 pounds; the homeowner, who lives alone, is black and weighs 200 pounds. A Duval County foreclosure was canceled after Goldman showed that ProVest’s contractor claimed to have received the paperwork hours before the lawsuit was filed and then had the affidavit claiming the papers had been served in Jacksonville signed by a notary in Tampa.

Last month, questions were raised about the thoroughness of ProVest’s research in a case in Brevard County. When the process server could not find Kathryn Norris to deliver a notice, ProVest filed an Affidavit of Diligent Search, saying it could not find any driver’s license or vehicle registered to the Cape Canaveral woman. After her townhouse was foreclosed and sold, the new owner found Norris dead in the garage in a car that police said was registered in her name.

ProVest’s president Jim Ward declined to address specific cases, saying the facts relating to service of process are properly addressed by the court. Jim Ward said the company, which serves 2 million documents a year, has developed a network of contractors that is conscientious and ethical.

Who’s ProVest?  Oh, well just click to read more about them.

As one of more than a half-dozen contractors for ProVest in Hillsborough County, Murray is assigned to deliver papers to about 300 addresses every month, often with two or three people being served at each address. He has to make the first attempt within 24 hours; most papers are delivered by the third try. Only once or twice a month does he have to file an affidavit with the court, saying the defendant is deliberately dodging him.

Doors have been slammed in his face, but not often. An old guy invited Murray in to chat and show off his antique handgun, not loaded. A young man opened the door in a towel, half-shaven, with a gun in his hand. He has had people call the police — who then accompany Murray as he delivers the papers. He has faced down a 90-pound guard dog that pounced when the home­owner answered her door. And he listened patiently when confronted by an angry homeowner who also happened to be a professional wrestler.

Or you could just read the whole article at this point.


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