Perhaps Assange Should Face Swedish Charges

Despite overwhelming cynicism on my part, this passage changed my mind:

The Swedish document traces the accounts given by the two women of their intimate encounters with Mr. Assange. As previously reported, both women say that Mr. Assange first agreed to use a condom and then refused, in the first instance by continuing with sex after the condom broke, and in the second by having sex without using a condom with a woman who was asleep.

Two questions: Did woman A, let’s call her Helga, say stop after the condom broke?  Did woman B, let’s call her Fromhilde… actually you know what, that’s all-in-all pretty fucked up.

And the story from Helga [nom de’plume] get’s even wierder by her desposition, which wasn’t given until Aug. 20 (the below event occured Aug. 13)

Mr. Assange had stroked her leg, then pulled off her clothes and snapped her necklace. The report quotes her as saying that she “tried to put on some articles of clothing as it was going too quickly and uncomfortably but Assange ripped them off again.”

According to The Guardian, Ms. A told the police that Mr. Assange pinned her arms and legs to stop her from reaching for a condom. Eventually one was used — but, she told her police interviewer, he appeared to have “done something” with it, resulting in its tearing.

In my experience as a non-raping adult, one either wears or does not wear a condom.  If one puts on said latex, they do not sabotage it or sneak it off or anything like that.  Non-raping adult men simply sigh and prepare for less-enjoyable sex.  I use non-raping as an adjective in this case because I imagine people who are ego maniacal enough to commit that crime would have a different perspective.

So people, let’s tucker down and come to the conclusion together.  Julian Assange is probably a rapist.  There’s really no point defending someone like that and, yeah, at the absolute least he needs to go to Sweden.  At this juncture the U.S. has nothing to gain by requesting extradition.  All that would happen is hackers and leakers would be given the same protection print journalists have and have had since the Pentagon Reports leaked.


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