Minister’s Facebook Changed to Pro-Satan Page

The minister has since filed a lawsuit claiming damages for mental pain, embarrassment, anguish and the double-kickers of loss of dignity and loss of capacity for enjoyment of life.

The guy’s two coworkers from a previous job are the targets of the suit.  The Minister, Matthew Sherwood, used to work for a utility service and when he started training to be a minister, his coworkers pranked him.

Basically this is my guilty-pleasure story of the week.

Sherwood claims the two men frequently told him:

“Your God is a joke.”

“Your Jesus was hung on a cross, that’s garbage.”

“Christianity and Jesus are fake.”

And my favorite bit about the Facebook hacking:

The bullying spilled onto the Internet. Someone changed Sherwood’s Facebook page to read that Sherwood was an atheist and Satan-lover.

His bio said:

“Satan is King. All hail Satan!!! Officially, I am a Satanist… more so I believe in nothing… just myself…”

His favorite books were changed to:

“I, Lucifer.”

“The Lucifer Effect.”

“The Fall of Lucifer.”


“666 Satan.”

“Satanic Bible.”

“The Satanic Verses.”

That last one throws me off, because it’s about how Mohammed was deranged, epileptic and not a prophet, but a mad-man suffering intense delusions.  Which, I’m gonna go out on a limb, and say most American protestant minister’s preach regularly at their sermons.



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