An Argument for Childrenless Families

Of course, it’s Christmas.  The St. Pete Times describes the hellscape of the modern American housewife in her feeble attempts to dazzle her kids with fantasy. By the way, sexism much?

After Thanksgiving, the marathon began:

Sunday she strung lights on the house. Dragged six boxes of decorations from the garage. Piled pieces of the artificial Christmas tree in the living room.

The kids wanted to build the tree, but it was getting late.

While they slept, she sat on her bed watching Miracle of Christmas on the Hallmark Channel and addressing envelopes. Sniff. Check.

Monday, she stamped the cards. Tuesday, they were still in her purse. In the teachers’ lounge at lunch, she made more lists: Vera Bradley something for her sisters and mom. Pajamas for the kids. Her son wanted “everything.” Her girls wanted mechanical hamsters called Zhu Zhu pets.

Read the whole thing. A greater argument for sterilitiy, I have not heard.

Here’s my comparable story.  Put lights up, check. Buy gifts for family and friends.  Check, done. Thank you Internet,  thank you.  Whew.  That was hard.



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