Product Win, Thanks Capitalism

So, how about why come no one ever sells the type of obscure and completely unprofitable beverage scenario I crave.  Namely, how come why perhaps I step into a gas station and all they have is whole milk?  That says a whole lot about what your average 7-11 merchant needs to do to keep his purchasing milk from a gas station consumer base happy.

OK, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that no body sells just fucking Unsweetened Tea at gas stations.  Half the time at restaurants I feel like I’m being deliberately misunderstood and they bring back sweet tea.  It’s too the point where I’m shouting un- like I have a severely debilitating speech impediment right before pronouncing the rest of the adjective normally.

And Lo!  Fucking Unsweetened Gas Station Iced Tea and a whole bunch of other goodness.


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