World’s Coolest 7-year-old

Watch the video of a local news channel covering the story to regain faith in Humanity.

Goldman explained that her 7-year-old adopted daughter Katie has been teased at school for her love of “Star Wars.” After bringing her “Star Wars” backpack and water bottle to school, boys in Katie’s first grade class mocked her, saying that “‘Star Wars’ is for boys.'”

“I felt really bad,” Katie told WGN’s Marcus LeShock.

The story goes on the explain that the Internet took notice.  Star Wars and the Internet are like, well nothing quite explains it.  She quickly garnered about 80,000 supporters and her own Twitter tag in support of her.

Rarely do I read a story and just want to share how awesome the world can be.  In a time when life feels like walking through an ankle deep bog of human excrement.  In a world where Justin Bieber exists, it’s good to know that out there, somewhere, is a 7-year-old girl with a Star Wars backpack who has the support of all these people.



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