The Infinite Genius

…when David Foster Wallace was 9 years old, he began work on a creative-writing assignment—a one-page story narrated by a tea kettle. “Hi I am a kettle,” his protagonist says, by way of introduction, adding: “Ouch! Listen I come to you for advice. This flame is real hot but I love my job.”

Let’s nevermind the Newsweek writer deciding to try and be a prose writer for the day since he/she gets to writer a soft news story today.

I just finished Infinite Jest on Wednesday and can’t wait to get my hands on Wallace’s nonfiction writing.  Many of you might remember me trying to write a book that I thought needed to be written.  About halfway through Infinite Jest, I realized I was reading the book I had started to write.  Except, you know, that I am literally filth, dirt, barbaric compared to this piece of genius in my hands.



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