Why Only April?

The inevitable Valve delay on Portal 2 has dropped.  Enjoy.

Portal 2 will open to gamers the week of April 18, more than two months after its previous February 9 launch date. This is the second delay for the game, as Valve originally announced Portal 2 with a holiday quarter 2010 launch window. The company put a positive spin on the latest postponement, calling it the “shortest delay in Valve history.”

The shortest in Valve history?! OMGSH.  Think about the megaton comparison.  Half-life Ep3 has not even ever been existed enough to like get delayed.  I think the only Valve game thats ever released in a realistic time frame was L4D2 because of its imminently recognizable hyper-capitalism principles.  Or, otherwise known as, fuck L4D vanilla updates, it’d be much better if we made everyone pay for a full new game because of all this Zombie lust.  Thank you George Romero.



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