Healthy Nostalgia For George W. Bush

Powerful emotions come to mind over such a controversial figure.  That word doesn’t say anything, though, controversial.  Few president’s have come into power under such dubious circumstances.  The MSNBC Matt Lauer interview (transcript) opened with the protests outside the White House as Bush took over.  Bush gave his feeling on the protests as well as his relationship with power figures like Dick Cheney and his father.  Oliver Stone acolytes will swear up and down how Bush, j.r. lived for his father and enslaved himself to Dick Cheney.

That doesn’t come across though.

Granted, waves of epileptic electricity racked my brain every time the man spoke between March 2003 and January 2009.  This interview removes that politicized feeling.  Other media outlets portray Decision Points, Bush’s memoir of some key decisions during his presidency, as just rehashing old debates.  People who hated him then will hate him now and people who agreed with him, etc.  Instead, I feel like its a pleasant discussion with a man I disagree with.  He has his points, and yeah, at some times you’re mad at him for not owning his mistakes – you’ll know them when you see the video.  Otherwise, its nostalgic, and without the reins of power, he’s just a great guy who I disagree with.  Now he lives with his decisions and, yeah, we liberals try to fix them, but you can’t hate him for doing what he thought was right anymore than I expect to be hated for my thoughts on a number of things.


My dad, for example, experienced the same epileptic rage, but not until about 2006 when Bush came down in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants and some other panderific pro-business, anti-middle class programs.  Debt being a big part of that rage.

And in 2010, that same Dad of mine, spouts some sort of one-term, tax-and-spend diatribe about the spear-chucker-in-chief.  I called his shit out and said, yeah you voted for W. And you did it Twice, so you don’t get to have an opinion about who’s putting who in debt.   He shut up and ate crow.  Elbow deep in crow.

So that dialog still exists.  People still get to argue about Bush.  But he’s part of history now, without power, he gets to write history and we get to argue it.  If you want a glimpse of what the history books will look like 20 years from now, here it is.  We don’t get to know the minutia.  We should.  That’s the Fourth Estate’s responsibility.  Obviously, they’re derelict.  So instead of pussy-footing and vomiting rage, shut up and read some history.  Or watch it, when the video comes up, I’ll re-post this and throw it on the blog. The transcript’s at the top.


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