FDA Unveils Psychological Warfare for Smokers

Why am I so proud of this action?  Its the logical conclusion of my favorite pet project for the united states – collective shame.  This program has been in effect in Canada for the past decade.  To boot (aboot?), they do stuff like but a giant letter D in your back window if you get arrested for drunk driving.  Dwell on that.  Imagine driving on the road on your normal commute and one day out of every three, you see someone with a giant D, how much hatred would you feel for this person?  Would you slow down and let them by? Cut them off?  Yeah.  Think about it.

So smokers.  Welcome to reality.  The post-modern era is over.  Romanticism is over.  Undistilled reality is knocking at your door.

For a full description of all the proposed changes, I’ve linked the NYT article that I stole the picture from.



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