Ray Bradbury Suffers Epilectic Fit Over Xbox Kinect

No, he didn’t fuckign really do that.  Is Ray Bradbury still alive?  I dunno.  Here’s a picture of how Ray Bradbury feels about the internet.


His suspenders just shout - I'm so damn hippy hop!


Oh, and then there’s this from Penny Arcade:

You’d think from all this that I didn’t like it, which isn’t actually true. It was probably worth the price to see Brenna’s face grow increasingly more horrified as I grabbed an episode of a show without a remote, paused it with my voice when I left, and resumed it the same way. It’s a very scary device, which makes the timidity of the launch offerings frankly depressing.  I hope we’ll end up very surprised by Kinect, a thing/method/philosophy that is still very much in progress.  I hope it’ll arrive at a place where we can laud its virtues without the need to append quite so many asterisks.

Which kind of makes me finally want to nut up and venture into the Console-verse.


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