“Corn Sugar” Unlike Sugar At All

A new study on my favorite pet peeve shows that HFCS may have 20 percent more fructose than consumers are led to believe, which explains quite a lot of the confusion in studies and the ambivalent viewpoint many people have about the stuff.

You see, the corn syrup makers have always argued that their product is just like table sugar— a combination of fructose and glucose. That’s why they recently asked FDA if they could change their name to corn sugar.

But fructose is the sweeter of the two sugars — and may be more conducive to weight gain, some studies show. So more fructose in these tested products might indicate differences.

Fair to say the study, published appropriately in the journal Obesity, is prompting a lot of discussion.


P.S. Yes, I also found this while looking for pink lemonade cupcakes. And yes, the irony is totally not lost on me.


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