Woefully Idealistic Doesn’t Cut the Half of It…

So this guy foresees Republicans cutting defense spending.  I’m not even gonna slow down to let you mop up your lap after you pissed all over yourself laughing.


[Defense spending cuts] will receive new impetus from a likely Republican victory in the November elections, bringing a new wave of small government conservatives into the Congress.

He also thinks we’re gonna ditch Afghanistan because it’s not working.

…the more-rapid-than-forecast US withdrawal from Afghanistan.  More rapid than forecast because the current US strategy is not winning, but the US and NATO seek to be helping bring the Taliban to the table for a negotiated settlement with the Karzai government.  Such a settlement would provide ample cover for a swift reduction in the US military presence.

Apparently because the G.B. unrolled the largest military cuts since WWII, that means the Axis of Allies or whatever will start towing that line right quick.  I have to assume that Gordon Adams is not an American, does not live in America, and cannot even possibly be from Western Europe and maintain that level of nonsense as any sort of serious prediction on US policy.

But, I fucking predicted Rubio and Crist would eviscerate each other and tank their numbers in the upcoming Florida election, so who the fuck would listen to me?

Source via the Daily Dish, of course.


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