The Ancestor’s Tale

Richard Dawkin’s makes evolutionary biology eminently accessible with this book, which probably came out some years ago, at least 2005 for the audio book. There’s two major takeaways.

First, and most importantly – i.e. I’m not making a pedantic aside with this one – it despells every misconception about evolution in a step-by-step ascension through time to the primordial ooze and even explains a lab experiment that proves how evolution even got started.  There’s even a meta evolution of evolutionability aspect that explains how very efficient bacteria devloped through mathematical improbability functions.

Secondly, it pretty much dawned on me that without evolution, and going from a created aspect, everything once Created was Created perfectly forever.  Therefore, how did Frenchies or American bulldogs procreate through the 6,000 yrs. of earth history without human interference, or how did anything ever go extinct – that’s a pretty ironic action for a omnipotent/omniscient God to undertake – also it pretty much would boldly assert an undeniable principle that Jesus had a pet Pug who for this case I will name Norman, who was the 14th disciple after Mary, which pretty much is undeniable because the Royalty of England had pugs for centuries and who would question their divine kingdom?  Not a Creationist.


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