From the Annals of the Whiner State

This doesn’t infuriate me as much as yesterday’s arguably less relevant decision by Frito-Lays to stop producing compostable Sun Chips packages.

However, check this.  Despite the irrelevance of their affect on property value, any longterm impact on health, and the prior support of these now-complainers, residents are still upset about the nearby wind farm.

Renewable wind energy, in this island town, is apparently so noisy, that residents are reporting blurred vision and heart problems.  Or it could be that the average age on this island is over 100. No, I can’t support that claim with evidence

How about living in the suburbs all my life, where the closest I’ve come to true silence was nights during massive power outages after a rough hurricane and there was the endless hum of dozens of generators running all night long.  Total and complete silence? Impossible.  There are always air conditioners, jets passing overhead, nearby high ways, the incessant sighing of the ocean, or any number of things that make some noise.

Where the nail seals this outrageously whiny coffin is the lack of any relevant data on decibels.  The only reason I can see why decibels reported at the ears of those who are complaining did not merit entering the NYTimes report was because it was so laughably minuscule as to undermine the entire story.  Otherwise, 60+ decibels at a consistent rate would almost definitely have made the difference between a hammer of a story and this flaccid complaint.



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