Who Cares If It’s Green! It’s Too Loud!

Are you fucking kidding me.  Frito-Lay is ditching their biodegradable bag for Sun Chips because they’re too noisy and too many consumers complained.  Throw this under the same earth-friendly cleaning products fiasco over how their Green cleaning products didn’t leave dishes sparkling and therefore, they could not possibly be clean.

Those links are to real stories by the way, about how just fucked this planet is.  You know what, I’m sure those Sun Chips bags weren’t even getting composted properly anyways, so it’s not literally a big deal.  But this is how little we are willing to sacrifice.  I sort of goof’ed using the collective pronoun ‘we’ just there, what I really meant was “they”.  I doubt you, my insanely attractive reader, care so little about anything that extra crinkling noise or your neighborhood’s hard water clinging to dishes despite being clean would utterly undermine your willingness to do something good for the planet.

Perhaps couching the issue as Green or Something Good For The Planet sends the wrong message.  Just go back and read it again with the phrase “something a fucking decent human, i.e. a homo sapiens and not one who’s a sociopath” would do.


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