Starry-eyed Hope for a Third Party

An excellent editorial in the New York Times, even if its about as likely to happen as it is glossily idealistic.  Really, ending on the note of a future legitimate third party candidate stumping with the lines “I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear, but we need to nut up if you don’t want the USA to go the way of Rome,” would be only slightly less effective in getting the average American’s vote than wedging open your grandma’s mouth and shoveling watery dog shit in until she asphyxiates on the aggregate vomit-to-dogshit pileup in her esophagus.  About the only time Americans want to be told to shut up and listen is pretty much never.  Not even in fucking movie theaters will people shut the fuck up and listen.  Tough break Mr. Friedman, even though I absolutely agree we need some serious contention in our party system.



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