A Tampa Light Rail Backflip

Up until reading this article, I was completely skeptical about the one cent tax hike in Tampa to pay for improved public transportation and to fund light rail, hooking up with the soon-to-be high speed rail from Orlando.

Watch the video attached to the article.  I want that city to be mine.  I don’t plan on making Tampa my home for life, but that’s primarily because Tampa is not like Charlotte.  Tampa is sprawl incarnate and that suburban sprawl pulses with the lifeblood of endless ghettos and low-income families.  By comparison, we’re much smaller that our Southern cousin, Charlotte, who’s history promises much more, from Salon-central of the Antebellum south, to rising banking center of the region.

Still, until I read this, I was absolutely not voting for what looked like another plan to fleece Hillsborough voters of a penny on the dollar, like the stadium tax did, something where the promises made by private investors never translated into actual financial backing and essentially this white-collar fuck over locked our community into an endless one-cent tax.  However, for the possibility to be like Charlotte in that video, and to have what I wanted, even though I won’t live here forever, is something I can’t pass up on.


Again, more on this in their Sunday editorial.

Another great read, just watching the video in the first link did it for me, maybe you’ll need the more reasoned approach here.


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