Evangelical Pro-Slavery preached by Boy-touching (black) Minister

His message that God wants people to prosper has attracted celebrities, professional athletes and socialites, swelling the membership to 25,000. The church hosted four United States presidents for the funeral ofCoretta Scott King in 2006.

I read “When Slavery Was Called Freedom” for a perspectivist history of the Civil War (if anyone want’s to read the resulting thesis paper, just ask and I’ll post it) and is a book about the evangelical pro slavery movement and the gospel of success (I can’t remember the fucking term for it and it’s killing me so I’m going to describe it).  Basically, that means that God favors those who are successful, otherwise, how could they succeed?  Therefore, whatever those who are successful do is morally righteous.  This was used to justify slavery in the immediate antebellum period, really from the start of rabid northern abolitionism circa late 1820s.

Clearly, there’s nothing wrong – no circle come full ’round – when a black, evangelical minister adopts the same yoke and chains that bound him and hold them up as holy instruments. No less, this Gospel of Success church hosted Corette Scott King’s funeral and the minister fucking rapes boys. I fucking love Sundays. You religious chuckleheads give me raison d’etre.



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