Weekly NYTimes Picks

The Stepford Wives’ Apocalypse: The Not-so Spotless Dishes of the Pro-Environment Future

I cannot get enough of this concept.  Just because the dishes aren’t shining, doesn’t mean they aren’t clean.  Why not complain to your local representative about chronically underfunded water projects that leave hard water stains instead of use harmful cleaning products.

The takeaway: “The number of lost days linked to injuries from the products declined from 54 in 2004 to zero last year”

Afghanistan’s Secret Tradition: Daughters Dressed as Boys

Exactly what it sounds like.  Strangely enough, or perhaps not strange at all, this practice is neither condemned nor punished by the religious nor cultural establishment.  In fact, women who pass daughters off as sons are said to increase their chance of producing sons in the future.

Takeaway: Simultaneously a sledgehammer of cognitive dissonance straight to the cortex and a humanizing portrait of women and life in Afghanistan.

The third is going up on its own.


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