When Does the Irony Overwhelm?

There’s a Manhunt this Sunday morning.  Often with these situations, they’re patently devoid of any sort of cognitive dissonance.  But don’t you want to know who’s missing and what they did?  Hold on little leopard.

For this event, it goes something like this.

Some fathers came home to find their wives and children missing.  They promptly notified the authorities of their absence.

The authorities located some papers, their cell phones, deeds to property, IDs*

The letters they found indicated this group was definitely part of some sort of cult which hereafter I will simply term a religion to avoid connotative fallacies.

The religion of these people specified that the Rapture was imminent, like super right now.  So, quite logically in fact, who needs fixin’s and sundry articles when the Lord on High is at your doorstep a’knockin?

Apparently, this horrified their family members, the authorities and has set the media on the story.  What’s everyone so horrified about a little logical [sic] human behavior?

Fathers: “But, they think that Jesus is going to Rapture them.”

Well, yes, indeed.  So, let them.

Fathers: “But, don’t you realize what this means?”

That they’re going to go meet Jesus and be with their ancestors? (what the letters actually said).

Fathers and Media: “They’re going to commit suicide, probably, or something otherwise as horrible to separate themselves from this Earth.”

Oh? But, then they’ll be happy with J.C. and Mema and Peepa.  Perhaps it’s some sort of Taco’d Paradise (this is, in fact, a reference to Mema’s Alaskan you-know-whats, so take your jets…).

What Everyone Isn’t Saying: “But thats preposterous.  It’s insane.  That shit is nuttier than a chipmunk’s people-sized poo.”

Now THAT’s a Poem for Sunday.


*They’re El Salvadoran Immigrants, generally I’d think they’d want those.


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