The Palin Purge

I am coining the title now.  Does it make epistemological sense? Fuck no.  Does it sound like a Michael Bay summer blockbuster, turned political hyper-drama?  I report, you decide to fucking agree with me.

Here’s some headlines lodge in your memory banks:

1)Palin-Backed Kelly Ayotte Wins New Hampshire Primary

2) The purge inside the GOP

3)The End Of The Tea Parties?


I believe* I just realized this that all these winners were hand-picked by Palin.  She made robo-calls, knighted them, whatever it is she does.  I guess this means Palin is the Tea Party Queen.  In the end, if they all lose, what do the Republicans do? The Tea Party definitely will not vote democrat, they’re anti-establishment, and in this regard, I hope they succeed.  I want to see party politics evaporate out of the United States.  I don’t even think most Tea Partiers are aware of that noble goal.

When the Democrats hold on to congress, does the Tea Party implode?  Can they hold on for two more years.  I secretly hope they do. Not out of some grieving desire to have them haunting the Republican party.  I want them to break the party system, and they are the current best hope.  Last time the United States had this was Ross Perot.  I truly hope, as a patriotic American, that the next president only wins with a Plurality.

Edit: I’m pretty sure Constitutionally speaking, that’s super impossible.

* (9/19) I’m pretty sure this is confusing, heh.  What I meant by believe was “It is my understanding that…”


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