Tea Party Candidate Gifts Senator to Dems

I could summarize this in more detail, but I won’t.  Perhaps the greatest riddle just unfolded in Delaware.

Here’s how it works:

1) Dirty campaign for Delaware Republican Senate Primary.

2) Tea Party candidate prevails

3) Democrats win Senate seat in November.

Can’t link them together? Well, polls indicate that the majority of Del. voters can’t stomach the tea-partier who’s as know-nothing, in debt, half-ass through life as the Sarah Palin who made robot calls for her up to today’s election.

So, congratulations Tea-Party, you officially cut your legs off from under you in Delaware and handed the Dem’s a safe Senate seat.  Politics is a vicious and psychotic game and clearly, the logic of winning a battle does not then therefore, viz-a-viz, beget a victory in the war.



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