The Freedom to Be Profoundly Stupid

It has come to my attention that Pastor Insane Christian (redundant) will burn the Quran if the Mosque is built in NYC.  So, we have a hostage solution on our hands.  When it comes to acts of expression and religion, Americans don’t have to go very far, legally speaking.

I’ve heard talking heads calling for federal troops to shut him down so the media won’t get their hands on footage of burning Qurans.  This image, pretty much everyone agrees, would set the crazy Muslim world (redundant) on fire.

Anyone with half a brain knows that federal troops cannot stop someone, somewhere, from uploading to Youtube, or filming in a semi-public place – of, let’s say, 30-50 humans – such a burning.  Still, I heard no less that 3/5 of Morning Joes suggest to use federal intervention, Republicans and Liberals, neo-fascists like Pat Buchanan (like, doesn’t he realize his bloodline is filled with foppish and impotent decision-makers?) and communist apologists like Donnie Deutsche (he’s some brand of hyper-stereotyped 80s banker a la American Psycho).

There’s so much wrong here to even cover.

The excuse that Saint President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus – thus allowing all presidents to play softball with the Constitution? (they argue) – is vapid at least.  If he hadn’t, spies in D.C. would have un-done his presidency, D.C. geographically speaking is in the South (Confederacy), a very hostile city in 1861.  Spies – treason – in the act, isn’t protected, he decided.  While some of us may disagree, he had some widespread support and at the least, understanding of why.  Let’s not forget, many of the people Lincoln arrested WERE spies, saboteurs and provacatuers.  History has proven him wise, so to speak.

What’s treasonous about upholding the Consitution?  Burning shit, building religious stuff, these are all pretty much as protected as watching porn in your home (some notable exclusions like Polk county Florida – the laughing stock of America’s most embarrassingly flaccid state).

We need the courage of our convictions as Americans.  If he burns this book, and if the Muslims go crazy (redundant) we need to use the constitution as a bulwark.  Our ideals are sacrosanct in the face of a people who are so backwards that they put their missiles on beasts of burden, live in caves and treat women no better than 1950s America.  So, fuck them.  If they all go batshit, let’s all burn Qurans, because, fuck them.  If troops die because of this Pastor, it’s on the pastor’s hands.  If troops don’t want to die, they don’t have to be troops.  It’s my understanding they can still kiss a dude if they wanna come home.  Let’s not let that loophole go un-holed.

I mean, shit, if we’re scared about it, let’s bail on that place of the Earth.  Perhaps leave piles of burning Qurans behind us.  And throw in some burning Bibles and shit.  This atheist is so done with your religious baboonery.


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