My Apologies

I’ve been kind of out of the loop when it comes to posting lately.  Hey! It’s not like I have a rabid following.  In any event, if you want to check out the nonsense I throw up here every now and again, grab the blog roll and favorite it.

Not to mention, I’ve got shit tons to do.  Perhaps I’ll throw up some Warhammer painting when I next get to it.  I don’t think anyone wants my thoughts on the issues of the day.

Democratic losses in the Fall:

Oh, I hope so.

Republican wins in the Fall:

Depends which ones. The monopolization of these two political parties (bipolarization?) makes me sick to my stomach.  Seriously.  No other issue, small or big, makes me sick to my stomach.  Only that in God’s United States of Holy Book Burnings we have one of two options for higher office, dumb and dumber.  Douche and Turd.

New York Mosque:

Why not COMBINE the Mosque and even-closer-to-ground-zero strip club.  It wouldn’t be the most perverse religious edifice ever made.

Quran Burning:

Only if that pastor lets me burn his Bible.  Honestly, I commend his courage to put his congregation’s lives at risk, while simultaneously begging Darwin to strike them from the gene pool.  Whoever said I was TOTALLY enlightened.

OK, so I don’t feel right calling myself enlightened, I mean that in the child-of-The-Enlightenment sense of the word.

What else am I missing?

Florida Election:

Alex Sink for Governor.  I probably won’t vote for Senator… unless it looks like Rubio or Crist will win, then I’ll probably vote for Meek.  So I guess what I’m saying is, Meek for Senator.

There, I’m sure you’re all done with my shameless tugging.


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