Texas has Art?

So, I have discovered that I am totally out of order right now.  Some stuff has already happened by this point, or has yet to happen.  Instead of rectifying this, I’ll throw chronology out and trudge forward.  Why?  Well, who fucking cares really, this isn’t a novel, but just ramblings and thoughts on my travels.

Sundance Square in downtown Ft. Worth is a yuppie nightmare.  All lit up with Christmas lights, all around giant skyscrapers, in fact and dangling around corners and stoplights.  Perhaps most interesting, there’s facades on some of the non-Western looking buildings.  I was fooled for like five seconds by some of them.  Also, while walking around we passed a tattoo parlor that was blasting Led Zeppelin II, it was on Moby Dick in the rush of the drum solo when I arrived.  I suppose this is why I remember it fondly.  It’s a happening place for people who make more than, let’s say, $50 grand per anum.    Not a lot of restaurants with dishes that cost less than 18$ per entree that probably tastes no better than the Spiral Diner, which is cheap and fucking delicious – I truly cannot say that enough.  Speaking the truth is such a satisfying action and is repeatedly easily.

But, again in the twilight of tolerable temperature, some other truths jumped out of the glorious structures of downtown Ft. Worth.  Yay, Confederate totems.

There’s some glorious Old World structures.  These are beautiful and I want them in Florida.  Tampa University is dumb and far from where I live, this is a major part of downtown Ft. Worth and it isn’t part of Tampa.  This is a problem.

Also, I thought this marker was hilarious.  It’s true Americanism in the best sense.  This court decided to build a beautiful structure that the hard scrabble Texans fired the original court and elected a new court who gladly adopted the extravagant palace of liberal laws as their own.


The Amon Carter Museum, in Ft. Worth’s Cultural District, on the way to downtown Ft. Worth is beautiful.  I want to live there.  Look at this vista – you’ve already seen it in another post.

I’m just going to throw up all the pictures I took and direct you to their website.  I spent, maybe two or three hours in this museum.  There’s maybe two dozen paintings and slightly more sculptures, which I spent infinitely less time studying.  When I came to Texas, this is the museum I wanted to find, and I did.  If you go to Ft. Worth, you have to come here.  The Amon Carter Museum and Spiral Diner, that’s pretty much it and you too will fall in love.


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