Black George Bush Summons Specter of White George Bush

Apparently, the United States’ new mission, according to Time magazine, is to wage war in Afghanistan until no more brown, smelly, mountain-folk want to cut off their daughters nose’s for the crime of reading a book.  A sentiment I’m not too sure is uncommon among our own United States’ mountain-folk.  OK, that’s a bridge too far.  But I’m not editing it out.

But, as the headline suggests.  BGB was out on the circuit reminding potential voters that WGB is still the intellectual benefactor of the Republican party.  It’s true.  The Republican’s really do not have any credible ideas for governing.  Instead, their tactic truly seems to lay in holding back the Democrats, and then branding them as do-nothing’s during the election cycle.  This is deplorable.  Even un-patriotic.

Nevertheless, the “combat mission ending” in Iraq is just another drawdown.  50,000 troops will remain in Iraq until 2011, but if history serves as any tutor, they’ll likely never leave.  Just like we’re still in Korea, Japan, Germany, etc.  Even if those 50,000 troops do leave, BGB isn’t bringing the boys home.  He’s sending them to defend women’s rights in the 11th century.  Get off your high horse Galahad.  Those women are fucked.  They are fucked when you’re there – just like the Times coverstory – and they are fucked when you leave. Afghanistan will never leave the 11th century.

So don’t raise the ghost of White George Bush, Mr. BGB, to defend his same policies you are enacting with new-found gusto.


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