Ayn Rand’s Medal of Honor

OK, so this is a huge stretch, so bare with me.  This article on Cracked was making me think.  Whoa, where are you going? You know what, fine.  Fuck you, too.

Here it is for everyone else.

Here’s Ayn Rand’s medal.  Apparently it mock’s capitalists for selling out their country and instigating a war by filling the Luisitania with armaments, dooming the innocent passengers to death in U-boat filled waters, and contained the phrase “Business Above All” across the top.  Oh, actually, it’s some German war propaganda piece condemning the Americans and British for selling out civilians in order to transport weaponry.

A propaganda piece only a hyper-paranoid, meth-head junkie-woman could love.

The rest of the article is awesomely about bad propaganda, a theme anyone who’s seen my living room would understand my affinity for.


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