Damnit Hippies: New Zealanders Hold Dolphin Funeral

OK, so maybe in New Zealand, these people are not hippies for burying a dolphin.  Perhaps, Kiwi’s are noble gun-toting folks, sporting patriotic flags and not-too-intelligent aphorisms much like our anti-hippies.  Perhaps they attended the dolphin’s funeral in droves, much like would be expected: like, maybe Ronald Reagan’s dog dies, I bet they’d be all over that.

Nevertheless, goddamnit hippies.  Dolphin’s are very smart creatures, sure, but by most accounts, this dolphin was something of a prick.  Stranding old women out to sea and taking their boards?  Whoa, harsh.  This dolphin seems like the anti-hippy.

You know what.

Bravo dolphin.  You’re playful antics and dickish behavior endeared a NATION of hardscrabble British expatriots and raped indians much like we Americans.



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