The Daily …Huh?

If you hate carbon emissions, the Australian Outback may seem like a paradise, unless you’re a bit gassy, that is. According to a new study, the vast, sparsely populated Outback stores an incredible amount of carbon within its forests and grasslands, a whopping 9.7 billion tons of the stuff, in fact. As impressive as that is, researchers say the region could hold much, much more if certain measures were to be implemented, but there’s a catch — one calls for the culling of millions of feral animals just because they fart and burp.

The study, undertaken by the Nature Conservancy and the Pew Environment Group, found that while nearly 10 billion tons of carbon are stored in the Outback ecosystem, it can actually hold around 1.3 billion more by 2050. To put that into perspective, the potential carbon storage is roughly the equivalent to taking 300 million cars off the road during that same period, reports

Damnit.  Look.  I’m a vegetarian and outside the confined of rigorous empirical sciencings, I can prove one thing.  I fart more and worse now than ever in my life.  Even in my pre-natal amoeba-like fart-shell, which I why I assume my mom’s belly swelled up so much – it contained nine months of pre-baby farts.

The end of the day take-away.  You wanna increase carbon intake by 1.3 billion, effectively stopped that much of the deadly greenhouse gas, instead of killing hundreds of thousands of animals – kill about, what like two dozen humans? Anyone want to check the turnaround for me?



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