iPhone 4 Fails Consumer Reports testing

Consumer Reports will not recommend Apple’s iPhone 4 to buyers after testing and confirming the device’s well-publicized wireless signal and reception glitches, adding that AT&T was not necessarily the main culprit.

Consumer Reports identified both the finger-over-antenna flaw as well as the software glitch that displayed more bars than actually existed.  By not recommending the product, Apple is left with one of two options, quickly release the iPhone 5 (like Windows 7 after Vista), or recall the iPhone 4.  In either case, they’re royally fucked, expect a hardware fix that’s tantamount to putting some aluminum foil in the recess that causes the calls to get dropped when you cover it.

This Consumer Reports finding, above everything else – Steve Jobs belligerent defense, Apple’s PR hand-wringing, and the illogical defenses of Apple-holics – will put the final nail in the phone’s tiny, obsolete coffin.



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